Welcome to Barari Forest

Barari (meaning "wilderness") was born from the 'greening the desert' legacy of the founding President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The drive to literally push back the desert, to promote an environmental conscience and support agriculture and wildlife conservation, is symbolized by the Barari logo.

This is exemplified by the current extensive list of Barari projects, which give testimony to the success of the efforts of H.H. Sheikh Zayed to offset the effects of desertification.


Forest management is about irrigating the forest trees in the harsh desert environment of the UAE.  All management activities are geared toward....

Games Management

Valuable populations of rare and endangered species occur in the Emirates that have conservation, tourism and....

Special Project

In addition to core business, related projects,alt which include work at some Sheikh's Forests, the Natio....

Reloacation of Trees

It was a big honour for Barari to be invited to relocate 153 big trees  from Al Ain to Ras Ghurab Island. Barari tried to maintain the care and professionalism for which it is known.

Trees were carefully selected from forests at  Seah Bin Amar and Seah Al Meah and removed without disturbing the forest structure.

Construction of Reservoir and installation of irrigation system

It was a big challenge to prepare this huge number of adult trees in such unsuitable weather conditions. Before  relocation, permission had to be obtained from traffic police  as well as the coast guard. Many factors had to be taken into consideration, among others, passing under bridges and overhead electric lines, and tides of Arabian Gulf. During transit, trees had to be held up a number of times at Sweihan holding nursery. Some of the trees were moved with flowers and seed pods on, and some even with bird nests and a swarm of bees!

Big honour for Barari

Water tankers were taken from Al Ain to Bahia, and then onto the island by barge to water the trees. Later watering was to take place by jerry cans.
All these problems seemed insignificant when all of a sudden His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed visited the island on Friday 1 July 2011. His Highness expressed much interest and surprise at the trees that looked fresh and healthy, as if they had not been relocated at all.